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Plug and play bins

Need more power for your high-capacity centrifugal dryer at a site with only single-phase electricity?

Sukup Manufacturing Company's Single-Phase Centrifugal Dryer eliminates the need for costly extensions of three-phase power or for external-phase converters. This onboard power conversion system lets you use bigger motors than you could before with single-phase power.

The dryer has an innovative converter that changes single-phase power into three-phase power. It gives you the ability to use larger fan motors, potentially up to 50 hp., which are more energy efficient and decrease drying times.

“This makes the 16-foot Sukup Centrifugal Dryer an easy, plug-and-play choice for farmers with only single-phase service on their farms,” says Kerry Hartwig, dryer sales coordinator for Sukup Manufacturing.

According to Hartwig, dryers at sites with only single-phase power were limited to 15-hp. motors unless an external-phase converter could be brought in. But external-phase converters commonly introduce unbalanced voltage that can result in inconsistent dryer performance.

The conversion system, which is available on 16-foot dryers, provides a source of greater, even-flowing AC power. This means you have the ability to dry grain at faster rates with bigger equipment. Motors of 20 hp. and potentially up to 50 hp. can be used, which is more than three times the original power.

The list price ranges from $87,750 to $99,200.

Peaked roof vent

Corrosion has never been a friend to grain bins because it can lead to leaks on the bin roof. This costs you time and money in repairs and damage to grain.

A uniquely shaped product, the 18-inch Peaked Roof Vent from Sukup Manufacturing Company, can help eliminate potential problems, because it is designed to prevent moisture and debris (such as bees' wings, fines, and dust) from collecting in the valley between the sloping bin roof and the backside of roof vents. If not removed, the debris and moisture can cause corrosion of the roof.

The sloped V-shape on the back channels debris and moisture around the vent, and blowholes in the vent hinder debris from accumulating.

The patent-pending vent can be retrofitted to existing bins and is made of low-density polyethylene that contains an additive to protect the vent from degradation from ultraviolet rays.

According to John Hanig, Sukup bin sales director, the durable polyethylene helps the vents bounce back from bumps, which means their appearance will be better than traditional metal roof vents over time.

“They're an improvement over traditional bin roof vents in several ways,” says Hanig. “They're more resilient. They won't corrode, and they won't trap debris and moisture the way traditional roof vents have.” 

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Grain Push System

Sioux Steel Company's Grain Push System is a pneumatic air system that can move low volumes of grain at a bin site. It is used primarily in conjunction with a batch grain dryer, where the dry grain exits the dryer into the air-conveying system and is piped to a storage structure. It can gently push grain 100 to 250 feet or more.

The System is easy to install, and the forklift base and lifting loops make moving the system a simple operation. It is ideal for transferring grain to and from dryers, trucks, dump pits, hoppers, storage bins, silos, mixers, bunkers, and feed bins.

To learn more, call Sioux Steel Company at 800/557-4689 or visit them on the Web at

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