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Harvest Time

  • Farmers for the Future

    Farmers for the Future
    Check out photos shared by members on the Farmers for the Future network. Go to the network to see more photos and share your own. This photo was taken by Shane.

  • A Green Harvest

    A Green Harvest
    Ashley Woodward shared this photo from a harvest in central Indiana.

  • Harvest Sunset

    Harvest Sunset
    Clayton Thacker took this beautiful sunset shot.

  • Unloading

    Dianna Hatfield posted this shot of a combine unloading.

  • Red Harvest

    Red Harvest
    Rachel Fishback posted this photo showing off the farm’s red equipment.

  • Grain Cart in Action

    Grain Cart in Action
    BJ Tiemessen captured this photo of a tractor and grain cart driving through a corn field.

  • Patriotic

    Shane proudly waves the flag from both his combine and tractor.

  • Rolling through Soybeans

    Rolling through Soybeans
    Jim Doolittle shared this shot of his landlord harvesting soybeans behind his house in Iowa.

  • Dusk

    George from Indiana took this shot at dusk.

A collection of photos from Farmers for the Future.

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