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Organic dairy ups pasture feeding requirements

Horizon Organic recently announced its that it will be
incorporating into their standards of care the National Organic Standards Board
(NOSB) recommendation that requires organic dairy cows to get an average of 30%
of their daily diet from grazing on pasture for a minimum of 120 days a year.

The "Standards of Care" govern the management
practices used by its two company-owned dairy farms. The update also includes
refinements based on collaborative efforts with key organic industry leaders,
including The Organic Center and Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance

"We asked some of the organic industry's most respected
leaders to candidly review and comment on our 'Standards of Care.' It is
extremely important to us that Horizon Organic's farm standards contain the
kind of detail that is clearly understood by dairy farmers and the organic
dairy industry, at large," says Kelly Shea, vice president of industry
relations and organic stewardship for Horizon Organic.

The standards of care were created to demonstrate what
Horizon Organic is doing to protect the integrity of the USDA's organic seal
and advance organic farming practices on its company-owned farms. According to
Shea and Taylor, they also play an important role in educating the public about
what organic farming means and how it's done.

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