Growing grapes in New York

  • James Militello

    Farmers for the Future network member James Militello -- a 5th generation farmer from western New York -- grows Concord grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other fruits on his farm. "I operate a 275 acre grape farm which is a medium to large farm for our area," he says. "I market most of my grapes through the National Grape Cooperative, which is the owner of Welch's." Here, Militello shows a grape vineyard.

  • Grape harvester

    It's all waves aboard Miltello's 2001 Korvan 3209 grape harvester.

  • Harvest

    This photo shows the view from atop the grape harvester, with the farm's outbuildings in the distance.

  • Spring

    Spring time in the vineyard is a much different picture, as boney vines begin to grow Concord grapes.

  • Loading grapes

    Here, Militello's dad loads grapes onto a truck after harvest.

  • Black raspberries

    A row of Militello's black raspberries are in bloom.

  • Strawberry patch

    "My new strawberry patch," he says of the deep green crops.

  • Trencher

    Here, a trencher clears a path for a new tile line to drain the vineyard.

Farmers for the Future network member James Militello grows grapes in western New York.

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