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$15.74 Average ROI of Insecticide In-Furrow

First year evaluation of the difference in yield and profitability between Proaxis™ and XPEDIENT® FC™ when used as corn insecticide treatments placed in-furrow with Flo-Rite® seed firmers.

Why would the addition of an in-furrow insecticide increase yield?

Sometimes we do see yield increases with the addition of in-furrow insecticide. In-furrow insecticide provides another level of protection that may be needed under high insect pressure. Healthy plants with even emergence and growth from the VE to V6 growth stage (end of stand establishment) creates the foundation for strong yield potential.

Click here for additional study details. Or download Beck’s entire 2015 PFR book here .

Beck's Hybrids PFR program conducts more than 75 different studies across multiple locations (500+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. Simply put, it is research focused with the farmer in mind.

Proaxis™ is a trademark of Pytech Chemicals GmbH. XPEDIENT® FC™ is a registered trademark of AMVAC Chemical Corporation. Flo-Rite® is a registered trademark of Flo-Rite, Inc.

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