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Check Herbicide Premix Dose

A lower active ingredient in a premix can lower weed control and enhance resistance potential.

A herbicide premix is convenient and can expand a weed control spectrum. Before buying one, though, check its label.

“Make sure you check the rates of the individual components (in a premix) to be sure they are the same as what they’d be for the herbicide by itself,” says Mike Owen, Iowa State University Extension weed specialist.

A quick label check can pinpoint the active ingredient of each herbicide in the premix. If the active ingredient of a herbicide is less in a premix than what it is in a stand-alone product, you may be sacrificing weed control, says Owen.

He adds that a lower rate can also select for resistance by enabling weed biotypes prone to resistance to escape and proliferate. You may not notice this in the next year, but over time, resistant weeds can rapidly surface and take over a field.

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