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EPA Approves New Tank Mixes, Adjuvants and Nozzles for Xtendimax

New tank mixes, adjuvants, and nozzles can now be used in 2017.

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved six herbicide tank mixes and 27 adjuvants for Monsanto’s Xtendimax with VaporGrip Technology, say Monsanto officials.  

Previously, the TTI11004 nozzle was the only nozzle allowed with Xtendimax.  Now, this announcement brings 20 additional nozzles for use with this product. All approved tank-mix products and nozzles for XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology are listed at

As a reminder, only the tank-mix products or nozzles listed on established tank-mix websites are considered lawful. These additions listed on the website are an extension of the label, say Monsanto officials.

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