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Bayer CropScience introduces new cereal products for 2007

Small grains growers should soon have a new broadleaf weed control option.

Bayer CropScience expects to soon receive federal registration for Huskie. This product contains the first new active ingredient for broadleaf weed control in cereals in 20 years.

Clair Heinbuch, Bayer CropScience cereal herbicide portfolio manager, gave an update on Huskie and other new Bayer CropScience products at this week's Commodity Classic in Tampa, Florida.

Bayer expects to receive federal registration for Huskie in late May. "There have been generic versions of older products, new names, but not new chemistry," says Heinbuch.

When registration is received, product will be available in 2007, with plans for a more widespread launch in 2008.

Heinbuch says attributes of Huskie include:

  • Wide-spectrum broadleaf control, including control of tough broadleaf weeds such as kochia, Russian thistle, and wild buckwheat.
  • A new mode of action, which gives growers an option in areas where weeds like kochia have developed resistance to existing chemistries.
  • Excellent compatibility for mixing with grass herbicides.
  • Early-season residual activity with full rotational flexibility.
  • A built-in safener for that results in excellent crop safety. Heinbuch says this eliminates burning, flashing, shortening, and head malformation that has been problems with other chemistries.

Bayer CropScience is launching three new fungicides for 2007 for use in cereals. They include:

  • Prosaro
  • Proline
  • Absolute

Prosaro and Proline are the next generation of Fusairum head blight (scab) products, says Heinbuch. Proline is a standalone fungicide. Prosaro contains the active ingredients in Folicur (an earlier developed fungicide used for scab control) and Proline.

Bayer CropScience officials say benefits include superior control of scab, better protection against leaf diseases, higher yields, and improved grain quality.

Absolute is a new fungicide mix that contains the active ingredients in Stratego and Folicur. It provides the scab protection that Folicur provides, along with leaf disease control.

Application timing around flowering is still critical in application of these products, says Heinbuch. Ideally, a systemic product could eliminate the timing issue. However, Heinbuch said hurdles include cost and also the chemical residuals that could linger in the plant and grain.

Other new cereal products in the pipeline from Bayer Crop Science include:

  • A new stored grain insecticide for 2008.
  • A planned 2008 launch of a new one-pass spring small grains herbicide.
  • New seed treatments with fungicide and insecticide components that will start to roll out in 2009.

Small grains growers should soon have a new broadleaf weed control option.

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