Kyber herbicide for soybeans set for 2021 from Corteva Agriscience

Kyber is a preemergence premix herbicide that contains 3 herbicide sites of action

Kyber is the newest soybean preemergence herbicide from Corteva Agriscience. It’s a premix of three herbicide sites of action aimed at managing problem soybean weeds including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and common ragweed. 

Slated for sale in November for the 2021 growing season, Kyber includes 3 herbicide sites of action—pyroxasulfone (Group 15), flumioxazin (Group 14) and metribuzin (Group 5).  Its use rate will be 1 pint per acre,  and Kyber can be mixed with labeled products, says Aaron Smith, U.S. product manager for soybean herbicides for Corteva.

“The three effective modes of action in Kyber are especially important for resistance management,” says Smith. “Another key benefit to Kyber is the residual control that growers using Kyber will receive. Kyber will provide four to six weeks of residual activity for soybean farmers and under the right conditions,  that residual control can exceed six weeks.”

Farmers will be able to apply Kyber from preemergence to three days after planting, he adds. 

“Kyber is an excellent addition to a program approach because allows farmers to start early with a clean field with an effective preemerge application,” says Smith. “It allows for a longer residual activity because of the three effective modes of action, allowing additional time for the farmer to come in and apply a postemergence application. By enabling farmers to start clean, we're helping them to control the toughest weeds, minimize the resistance development that they're struggling with, and ultimately, maximize the yield potential that they can experience from their soybean fields. Kyber is especially effective on tall waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and common ragweed, along with the annual grasses.”

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