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    What do spray nozzles, preemergence herbicides, and planting dates all have in common?

    They help combat weeds. With proper use of these tools, you can limit the odds of finding herbicide-resistant weeds in your fields.

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    Farmers went to the University of Minnesota Crop Management Tour in Rochester, Minnesota earlier this week. The day included viewing demonstration plots on spray nozzle technology, planting dates, preemergence herbicides, and more.

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    David Nicolai, weed specialist at the University of Minnesota, discussed the plot demonstrating spray nozzle technology. The plot had five different applications on oats with a crosswind between 5-8 mph. The demonstration allowed farmers to see off-target movement with different types of spray nozzles.

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    Off-target movement was visible in the oats depending on which nozzle was used.

    "Some of the newer products, that may be labeled here in the next year, are going to require a coarse to an ultra-coarse droplet size," says Nicolai.

    It's going to very important to read the label and match the instructions with the spray nozzle on your sprayer.

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    Preemergence herbicides have many advantages in a corn and soybean management systems. They remove weeds early in the growing season, reducing impacts later on, says Jeff Gunsolus, weed specialist at the University of Minnesota. They also add other types of chemistry for weed control - increasing the diversity in your herbicide program.

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    "In most of the Midwest, without the preemergence response that we had, we would've had a lot bigger problems than we did because we got rid of a lot of our weeds early in the growing season," says Gunsolus.

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    When you come back with postemergence weed control, you have fewer weeds that are a smaller size. And, it gives you more time to get out there in a timely manner without risk of drift and off-target movement, says Gunsolus.

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    If you know a little bit about your weed emergence patterns, you know when to target them. This can allow you to delay your planting date or adjust your herbicide applications so they are targeting specific weeds, say Extension specialists.

Spray nozzles, preemergence herbicides, and planting dates can help you battle a major issue.

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