Crop Progress Photos: May 15, 2017

  • Corn in Shelby, Ohio

    “After a week of rain, everything has finally started to dry out around here,” says Morgan Vogt (Instagram: @morgan_vogt99).

    In Ohio, 49% of the corn crop has been planted, which is 8% behind the state’s 5-year average planting rate. As for emergence, 24% of Ohio corn has already emerged. 

  • Crops in Daviess County, Indiana

    “The rain has finally held off… the crops have began to jumpstart it seems. I’m very pleased with the soybeans that laid dormant through the cold wet couple of weeks,” says Ethan Clarke (Instagram: @the_ethan_clarke). “I suppose a good seed treatment really pays off! The corn is also looking very well! No signs of disease and has a very good dark green color.”

    Indiana farmers have 56% of the state’s corn planted and 23% of the state’s soybean crop planted. Both of those planting rates are behind the USDA’s 5-year average rates for the state.

  • Soybeans in Morse Bluff, Nebraska

    “An inch of rain followed by a week of sunny and 75° here in Nebraska really kickstarted the crops,” says Justin Mensik (Instagram: @justinmensik). Mensik has 15% of his soybean crop already planted.

    In Nebraska, 37% of the state’s soybean crop is planted. According to the USDA, 4% of those beans have emerged already.

  • Corn in Nickerson, Kansas

    “We had 2.3 inches of rain last week, so we are waiting for the ground to dry out for soybean planting,” Geoffrey Burgess (Instagram: @geoffreyburgess) says. “Most of our fields have had over 12 inches of rain since we started planting corn in early April.”

    Corn planting is a slow go in Kansas with only 60% of the state’s crop planted, according to the latest Crop Progress report. As for emergence, 34% of Kansas corn has emerged.

  • Corn in Monroe City, Missouri

    Hoping to help his corn break through the crusted ground, Tyler Mudd (Instagram: @tmuddly17) took a rotary hoe to his corn field last week. This picture seems to show it helped. Muddly hopes to start planting his soybeans early this week. 

    Missouri farmers have 87% of the state’s corn crop planted, while 61% of Missouri corn is emerged. At this point last year, the USDA report that 84% of Missouri corn was already emerged. Only 24% of Missouri soybeans are planted as of Sunday, according to the Crop Progress report. 

  • Soybeans Near Northfield, Minnesota

    These Northfield, Minnesota, soybeans were planted on May 5 and are just starting to come up. “We have about 200 acres left to plant, but hope to finish in the next few days,” says Carol Peterson. “Weather conditions have been favorable this week, following a cooler, wet spell last week.”

    Minnesota farmers have 47% of the state’s soybeans already planted, which the USDA’s Crop Progress report says is above the Minnesota 5-year average rate of 40%.

  • Corn in Maxwell, Iowa

    This corn was planted on April 20 near Maxwell, Iowa, and has reached V2. Rhonda Birchmier says there’s good stand establishment and the beginnings of good nodal root development. “You can clearly see the radical and seminal roots as well as the mesocotyl and nodal roots,” says Birchmier.

    In Iowa, 85% of the state’s corn is planted and 28% is already emerged. At this point last year, Iowa corn had a 20% higher (48%) emergence rate than the current rate reported by the USDA. 

  • Corn in Morse Bluff, Nebraska

    Although he still has 25% of his corn crop to plant, Justin Mensik (Instagram: @justinmensik) is seeing some strong emergence after an inch of rain and sunshine last week in Morse Bluff, Nebraska.

    Nebraska corn is aligning pretty well with the state’s 5-year average rates of planting and emergence. Farmers in the state have 78% of Nebraska corn planted and 31% of that corn is already emerging.

  • Corn Near Northfield, Minnesota

    This Minnesota corn was planted on April 24, but all of Carol Peterson’s corn was planted by May 11. “We had a dry week, that was optimal for planting with only a tenth of an inch rain and warm temperatures,” she says.

    In just one week, Minnesota farmers got 49% of the state’s corn crop planted, bumping up the planted corn rate to 84%. Although the USDA says Minnesota’s 5-year average emergence rate is 32%, the state currently has only 20% of the corn crop emerged. 

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