Crop Progress Photos: May 8, 2017

  • Corn in Irving, Illinois

    “Corn is slowly coming up after up to 10 inches of rain in spots,” says Luke Tuetken (Instagram: @tuek32) who farms in Irving, Illinois. “We began planting April 19th and it looks like #replant17 is upon a lot of us.”

    According to the USDA's latest Crop Progress report, Illinois farmers have 65% of the state's corn in the ground and 29% of that is already emerged. As far as planting goes, the state is running a hair (2%) above the 5-year average while emergence lags behind the 5-year average rate of 32%. 

  • Corn in Monroe City, Missouri

    Farmer Tyler Mudd (Instagram: @tmuddly17) dug up this seed on Friday and says cool temperatures have kept it from sprouting in Monroe City, Missouri, until recently. “The seed is still hard, so no danger or rotting yet,” Mudd says. “With warm temperatures on the way, a shower may not be the worst thing to keep the ground from crusting and allowing corn to emerge.”

    In Missouri, 42% of the state’s corn is already above ground and As for planting, 77% of state’s corn is planted, which beats the 5-year average rate of 69% at this time. 

  • Corn in Middletown, Indiana

    “Mother Nature dumped over 7 inches of rain on this corn crop. Parts of it are still submerged under water and some are buried under runoff top soil,” says Josh Norris (Instagram: @norris_farms) of Middletown, Indiana. “We need some warm days and sun bad.”

    Indiana farmers are 8% ahead of the 5-year average planting rate this year and have already planted 51% of the state’s total corn crop while 18% has already emerged. 

  • Crops Near Northfield, Minnesota

    “About 75% of our corn is in and about 20% of the beans have been planted,” says Carol Peterson (Instagram: @carpet701) of Northfield, Minnesota. “The weather looks great for the upcoming week.”

    In Minnesota, farmers have 35% of the state’s corn planted, which is 20% slower than the USDA’s recorded 5-year average planting pace of 55%. As far as emergence goes, 1% of the planted corn has emerged. 

  • Corn in Maxwell, Iowa

    This Maxwell, Iowa, corn was planted on April 20 and is just now starting to emerge, according to Rhonda Birchmier. "The soil temperature has improved greatly," she says. "In the earlier planted fields in our area, we're finding significant variation within the same field—some plants are 3 inches tall and some haven't even emerged yet."

    Iowa farmers have 52% of the state's corn crop in the ground, which is an impressive recovery from last week when the USDA reported only 28% of Iowa corn as planted. Emergence is falling short of the 15% 5-year average and is only at 7% as of Sunday.

  • Soybeans in Morse Bluff, Nebraska

    Justin Mensik (Instagram: @justinmensik) of Morse Bluff, Nebraska, says his soybeans are about to emerge, but his corn is almost there too! 

    Nebraska corn is 48% planted and 10% emerged, while only 13% of the state’s soybeans are planted at this time. 

  • Corn in Scott City, Kansas

    Corn is being planted on this Ramsey Farms (Twitter: @Ramsey_Farms) field in Scott City, Kansas, that was engulfed in many inches of snow just seven days ago. 

    In Kansas, farmers are trailing 11% behind the state’s 5-year average planting pace and have 45% of the total corn crop planted already. As for soybeans, the USDA says 4% of the Kansas crop has already been planted as of Sunday. 

  • Corn in Daviess County, Indiana

    Just last week this Daviess County, Indiana, corn was underwater, but farmer Ethan Clarke (Instagram: @the_ethan_clarke) says the young corn is still going strong since the water retreated.

  • Wheat in Nickerson, Kansas

    “We’re spraying for stripe rust in wheat,” says Geoffrey Burgess (Instagram: @Geoffreyburgess). “The bottom leaf is a lower leaf and the top one is a flag leaf starting to be infected.”

    Burgess is working hard to beat rain that's coming Wednesday and to get the wheat sprayed before it’s too far along. 

  • Corn in Nickerson, Kansas

    “The corn is mostly emerged, except for mud holes,” Geoffrey Burgess (Instagram: @geoffreyburgess) says. “There’s more rain in the forecast!”

    Planted Kansas corn is 20% emerged, according to the latest Crop Progress report from the USDA.

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