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1.75 in. Planting Depth Outyields 2.25 in. Depth by 2 Bu./A.

This study was designed to determine at what point in the growing season that seeding rates and depths need to be changed to increase soybean profitability. 
“Often times farmers shy away from planting early due to the risk of frost. In this plot, the April 18, 2015 planting date experienced evening temperatures down to 26 degrees, and even had 2 in. soil depth temperature readings of 32 degrees. Although we did not have a planting depth that most farmers would plant, (roughly 1.25 in. being common), we did learn a few things from this plot, which are listed below."
 - Alex Johnson, Beck's Field Agronomist  
1) You can plant soybeans too deep and negatively impact yield. 
2) The 1.75 in. planting depth out-yielded 2.25 in. planting depth in every scenario by an average of 2 Bu./A.
3) The 100,000 planted population at all depths and planting dates was too low for optimum yield.
4) The April 18, 2015 planting date out-yielded the May 19, 2015 planting date at all their respective planting depths and populations, in spite of reduced stands as compared to the May planting.” 
Click here for additional study details or download Beck’s entire 2015 PFR book here.
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