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2-Year Study Results - To Add Nitrogen Stabilizers Or Not?

Nitrogen stabilizers are commonly used to protect against nitrogen losses when a producer applies a large portion of their nitrogen fertilizer in the fall or early spring. Due to the fact that nitrogen loss can be one of the most yield limiting factors that a grower encounters in the field, they often ask if it is benefical to utilize nitrogen stabilizers with in-season applications of nitrogen. This study takes a look at the use of the following nitrogen stabilizers with sidedress applications of UAN at the V3-V4 growth stage.

prevents and reduces volatilization and denitrification of liquid nitrogen fertilizers. Nutrisphere-N controls urease, keeping it from robbing nitrogen and yield potential. Nutrisphere-N protects nitrogen in the ammonium state before it gets converted, giving a greater return on your nitrogen fertilizer investment

Agrotain® Plus also blocks the activity of the naturally occurring enzyme called urease, protecting against volatility losses. Agrotain Plus is a stabilizing agent which keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form for a longer period of time and reduces volatilization, denitrification, and leaching losses.

Instinct™ is a nitrogen stabilizer that contains the active ingredient nitripyrin, the same active ingredient as N-Serve. Instinct is a nitrogen stabilizer for liquid UAN solutions and works to ensure that nitrogen is stabilized in the ammonium form, which is less susceptible to losses from leaching and denitrification. Instinct keeps the soil dwelling Nitrosomonas bacteria inactive, as this bacterium will attack ammonium and convert it to nitrates which are then prone to losses. Instinct does not protect against volatilization losses.

FunctioN™ is a nitrogen stabilizer for use with urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution fertilizer. FunctioN contains dicyandiamide, a form of nitrogen that delays the below-ground nitrification process. This improves the nitrogen utilization of the crop, by keeping the nitrogen in a more plant desirable form and delaying conversion to nitrates.

NZONE GL™ is a nitrogen management aid that increases nitrogen availability and uptake in addition to reducing nitrogen loss. NZONE GL alters nitrogen fertilizer breakdown so that it’s captured in the soil in a stable and available form. NZONE GL is formulated for anhydrous ammonia and UAN.

This is the second year for this study at the Kentucky PFR Farm. In this year’s study we found no benefit to adding nitrogen stabilizers to sidedress applications. This is the second year that we have seen these results. When we look at the two-year average shown in Figure 1, we have seen a loss of 1.8 Bu./A. with the use of Nutrispere-N. We have also seen a loss of 4.8 Bu./A. with use of Agrotain Plus, and a loss of 2.5 Bu./A. with Instinct. This was the first year we have tested the products FunctioN and NZONE GL.

Beck's Hybrids PFR program conducts more than 75 different studies across multiple locations (500+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. Simply put, it is research focused with the farmer in mind. To see the entire study, please download the PFR Book and see page 127.

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