A Brazilian crop tour

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    The crops are "doing great so far" in the southern state of Parana in Brazil. See how things are shaping up for farmers there, courtesy Luana Gomes of Gazeta do Povo in Parana.

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    This is one of Adilson Antonio Bernardi's irrigated soybean fields in northern Parana, near the city of Centenario do Sul. Gomes says farmers in Bernardi's area are "optimistic for a bumper crop this summer."

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    Farmer Giovani Schiavini took this photo in one of his soybean fields in central Parana near the city of Guarapuava, an area known more for having the highest corn yields in the country. "As you can see in the photo, they do pretty good on soybeans too," Gomes says.

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    Corn yields around Guarapuava are typically over 160 bushels/acre, Gomes says.

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    Farmers in Schiavini's area are expecting good yield results for both corn and soybeans, Gomes says. "But, since that is one of the last regions to harvest in Parana, a good production output is not secured quite yet," she adds.

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    How the crops end up in western Parana will have a big effect on Brazil's crop output overall this year. "It is the only area here where farmers are reporting problems so far," Gomes says.

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    "Overall, the situation is still good in the area, but there are a few dry spots, and a few others where crop diseases and pests are giving farmers a hard time," Gomes continues. "We shall see what happens there."

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    This is one of farmer Fernando Seidel's soybean fields near Toledo in western Parana, an area known around Brazil for having the highest soybean yields in the country, Gomes says.

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    But, it's also one of the area experiencing the most crop stress this year. "It's most affected when there is some sort of weather trouble," Gomes says.

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    Marcos T. Giovanella took this photo of his soybeans near the city of Cascavel in western Parana, a part of the country that's been relatively trouble-free for the crops. "The crops are doing great so far," Gomes says.

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    Harvest will likely begin in Giovanella's area of western Parana in mid-February, Gomes says. Until then, the weather outlook has farmers optimistic about a good crop. "Unusually high levels of spring rainfall for a La Niña year should boost yields all around there," Gomes says of the western part of Parana.

Brazilian farmers take stock as they start looking ahead to harvest (photos courtesy Luana Gomes, Gazeta do Povo).

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