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Bayer CropScience Launches Credenz Soybean Brand

Bayer CropScience has entered the commercial soybean business with its new Credenz brand of commercial varieties, available this month for the 2015 crop year in select U.S. markets. 

Growers in the south (Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, North
Carolina) and Midwest (southern Iowa, Illinois, Missouri) get the first crack
at Credenz soybeans for the 2015 growing season.

The genetic base acquired from the former Hornbeck Seed Company in 2011 serves as the foundation for Credenz varieties, although
the company acquired a South American soybean breeding company last year and has
cultivated agreements with several domestic soybean breeders. The list of
global collaborations to create these new varieties is lengthy, says
Christopher Tinnius, global soybean breeder for Bayer Crop Science.

The upshot is that Credenz offers farmers new choices to combat
weed and disease challenges, says Diego Angleo, director of U.S. soybean
operations for the company.

“In the soybean business the last several years, there has
not been a lot of innovation. Farmers have new challenges, and they need new
solutions,” Angelo said during an Internet-based news emanating from Bayer CropScience's 60,000-square-foot “Greenhouse 5” in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, on Thursday.

For 2015, the initial Credenz offering includes 27 varieties
in maturity groups 2 to 7. The company plans to offer 15 to 17 varieties in the
mid-South, with the rest suited for the Midwestern states. Most varieties will
contain either Liberty Link or Roundup Ready tolerance. Additional markets will
be added for the 2016 growing season.

“Growers have needs that must be fulfilled,” Angelo says.
“In the U.S., there is a significant need for weed-management solutions.
Growers have used one technology, one platform, for many years.” Bayer
CropScience introduced Liberty Link soybeans to farmers a few years ago and
continues to eye future innovations. “These varieties are an extension of the
HBK brand, but they also serve as a vehicle for integrating technologies that will revolutionize soybean production.”

The Credenz soybean platform is expected to introduce
traits featuring integrated pest control to protect against sudden death
syndrome (SDS) in soybeans when it gains regulatory approval. It also is working
on varieties tolerant to HPPD-inhibitor herbicides, and also varieties tolerant
to soybean cyst nematode.

Yield is the driver, Tinnius says.

“We know that yield is the combination of many factors:
improved disease resistance, performance under stress, and broad adaptation. We
have our eye on how all these components affect yield,” he says. “We are 100%
focused on yield.”

Public yield trials featuring the HBK seed lineup
have occurred in several southern land-grant university systems; the company
will soon have yield data from its varieties adapted to the Midwest, Angelo

No pricing details have been published, although
Angelo says Credenz soybeans will be “priced according to the value they bring
to growers.” Expect incentives to those who use the entire portfolio of Bayer
CropScience crop production products in combination with Credenz soybeans.

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