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Busy time on Brazil's farms

  • 01

    Farmer Bauke Dijkstra wraps up soybean field work in Parana. Wet spring encouraged quicker planting pace in the Southern Brazilian state.

  • 02

    Strong domestic prices, which more than doubled over the past year, are encouraging farmers like Valdecir Dofini to expand their full-season corn acreage at the expense of soybean in Parana.

  • 03

    Farmer Marcio Del Galo inspects recently planted cornfield in Parana. Total full-season corn acreage increased about 20% in the state this year, Crop Expedition data shows.

  • 04

    As farmers eye more corn this summer, Parana state’s soybean acreage sees slight drop in 2011/12, according to estimates from Gazeta do Povo, a Brazilian newspaper that conducts a nationwide Crop Expedition.

  • 05

    Ahead of the normal pace, soybean and corn planting are near conclusion in the Southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

  • 06

    Full-season corn acreage increases about 5% in Santa Catarina this year, reversing a three year downward trend in the state.

  • 07

    While all the other main grain-producing states were able to anticipate fieldwork in Brazil, Sao Paulo was left behind. Excessive moisture has delayed both corn and soybean planting in the state.

  • 08

    After losing yield to excessive rains last year, farmers from Goias go all in and plant a high tech crop in 2011/12. Both soybean and corn acreage are up this year in the state.

  • 09

    With plenty of moisture, Mato Grosso do Sul farmers are all done planting their 2011/12 grain crop. Fieldwork concluded earlier than usual indicates increased safrinha corn acreage next year.

  • 10

    With soybean planting near completion, Mato Grosso’s farmers already have their eyes set on the safrinha corn. About half of the corn crop to be harvested next year in the state is already sold.

  • 11

    Soybean planting is in full swing in Maranhao, Northern Brazil. Ahead of schedule, fieldwork was 25% done as of last week, compared to 10% last year.

  • 12

    Compared to traditional Brazilian grain-producing centers, Piaui’s soybean acreage is still pretty modest. But it is growing fast. This year alone, the state’s planted area should increase as much as 13%, according to the Crop Expedition.

Check in with farmers in Brazil, where the first of two 2012 crops is in the ground.

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