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Sponsored: Check your ROI Potential Before Making These Applications

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team has been evaluating two fungicide applications, Serenade® ASO and Headline®, on soybeans to determine their effects on yield and profitability when applied in-furrow.

While some sites have had more success with these in-furrow applications than others, the overarching consensus, based on Beck’s multi-year, multi-location research, is that the use of an in-furrow fungicide is not a recommended application.

Over three years of testing, in-furrow applications of Headline® have only provided a $1.43/A. average return on investment (ROI), while later foliar applications of fungicide have consistently show a significant ROI increase. The consensus stands that farmers will get a better bang for their buck by investing in fungicide applications at the R3 growth stage.


To see the regional data for this study, check out the links below.


Beck’s PFR is the largest source of unbiased, cutting-edge agronomic information in the industry. More than 110 different studies were conducted in 2016, comparing over 150 products across multiple locations to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. In evaluating agronomic practices and input products, not comparing seed products, Beck’s PFR aims to help farmers maximize their input dollars and increase their bottom line. To view more studies from the 2016 PFR book, click here.

Practical Farm Research (PFR)® is a registered trademark of Beck’s Superior Hybrids. Headline® is a registered trademark of BASF. Serenade® is a registered trademark of Bayer.

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