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Chinese soy sauce powder supplier

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd is a professional Chinese soy sauce
supplier. Since 2002, the very beginning of establishment of our
company, we have focused on producing soy sauce powder. With our
consistent effort for 11 years, we built a perfect supply chain that helped us decrease the cost. Most of our products are exported overseas. Now, our main clients are Japan and Korea.

We have mature technology to produce soy sauce powder. Before 2008, to
satisfy the demands of different clients, we produced various types of
soy sauce powder. After the economic crisis, the top of the company
thought a lot and decided to decrease the number of our products. Now our
main soy sauce powders are instant soy sauce powder and normal soy sauce
powder. Both of them are spray-dried from natural fermented soy sauce.
Instant soy sauce powder is used to make liquid soy sauce; normal soy
sauce powder is used as a food ingredient in snacks and sauces. This
management makes us the cheapest Chinese soy sauce powder supplier.

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