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Sponsored: Don't Forget Your Micronutrients

Sometimes micronutrients can be an afterthought for farmers. However, micronutrients play a crucial role in plant development and health. They allow the soybean to have better root development and seed viability, while also increasing overall plant health.

As farmers, we know that applying a fungicide application to our soybeans at the R3 growth stage is critical to receiving a return on investment (ROI). According to Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)®, the three-year data, multi-location, PFR Proven™* fungicide study indicates that, on average, you can double your investment when applying a fungicide to soybeans.

But is timing as critical when making a micronutrient application?

Over the last three years, Beck’s PFR team has conducted multi-location research at all six PFR sites to evaluate the yield and profitability of various micronutrient products when applied at the recommended R1 growth stage versus a later R3 application.

When evaluating the best time to apply a micronutrient application to soybeans, Beck's 2016 six-location testing shows application timings at R1 and R3 BOTH performed well. The data has displayed that Versa Max™ has shown a three year, $16.64/A. return on investment in the PFR testing, making this product PFR Proven. This product appears to merit in soybean production.



In the case of micronutrient timing, it is NOT as critical to hit the R3 growth stage like it is for a fungicide application. But you should try to apply during the R1 to R3 growth stage to help your bottom line, and ultimately, achieve a better yields.

To see regional data for this study, check out the links below.

Beck’s PFR  is the largest source of unbiased, cutting-edge agronomic information in the industry. More than 110 different studies were conducted in 2016, comparing over 150 products across multiple locations to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. In evaluating agronomic practices and input products, not comparing seed products, Beck’s PFR aims to help farmers maximize their input dollars and increase their bottom line. To view more studies from the 2016 PFR book, click here.

*PFR Proven™ was developed in 2016 to identify the products and practices that are likely to be most profitable. If a product has been tested in PFR and found to provide yield gains and averages a positive ROI over a minimum of three years, then that product will earn the status of PFR Proven and should be something to consider trying on your farm. If a practices has been tested in PFR and found to be the most profitable, then it will also receive the status of PFR Proven. Please consult with your local Beck’s representative or trusted advisor for best management practices in your area.

Practical Farm Research (PFR)® and PFR Proven are trademarks of Beck’s Superior Hybrids Inc. Versa Max™ is a trademark of Midtech R&D, Inc.

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