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EPA Approves New Insecticide for Soybeans and Other Crops

Sefina Inscalis insecticide gives soybean farmers a new option for managing soybean aphids.

The EPA has approved BASF’s Inscalis insecticide. The new insecticide controls piercing-sucking insect pests in various row and specialty crops, including soybeans, cotton, and citrus. The Sefina Inscalis formulation is labeled for soybean aphids, a major soybean pest.

“Inscalis insecticide is a new active ingredient with a unique mode of action that provides effective control of devastating piercing-sucking insect pests, such as aphids, whiteflies, and certain psyllids,” said Christa Kirk, BASF technical market manager in a BASF news release. “Once these insects infiltrate a field, they can cause costly damage to the quality and yield of a crop. Farmers can choose from several Inscalis formulations as part of their resistance and integrated pest-management plans, giving them more operational control over their crops.”

Since insecticide resistance is now more widespread, Inscalis also meets farmers’ demands for new tools to control insects in their fields, say BASF officials. Insecticide resistance has added $40 million to the total insecticide bill for farmers in additional and alternative applications, according to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC). 

“As piercing-sucking pests become more diverse and adaptable, it’s more important than ever to continue to develop new tools that will meet farmers’ ever-changing needs,” said Kirk.

The chemistry’s formulation works by moving through the leaf to control pests that may be living on the underside of leaves. Inscalis insecticide’s fast onset of action causes insect feeding to quickly stop, limiting the spread of damage and transmission of viral pathogens, say BASF officials. In addition, Inscalis insecticide boasts a favorable environmental profile with low toxicity to beneficial insects, including pollinators.

The Inscalis active ingredient will power Versys insecticide, Sefina insecticide, and Ventigra insecticide. These products will be available for a broad range of crops and crop groups. Versys insecticide is labeled for use on brassica, leafy vegetables, pome, and stone fruit, and it will target aphids and whiteflies. Sefina insecticide is labeled for use on citrus, cotton, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, and soybeans. Its label includes soybean aphids in soybeans. Ventigra insecticide is for use in greenhouse and nursery production, and in ornamental landscapes.

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