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Don’t Let Emotions Control Your Crop Input Decisions

Emotions play a huge role in our lives and drive everything we do. They can impact our moods and drive our decision making. Our emotions can cause us to buy certain brands and leave others. That’s just the way it works.

But sometimes, emotional decisions are not the most logical or rational. Especially when to comes it your crop input buying decisions. The truth is, there’s so much volatility among crop performance inputs such as fungicides, row starters, foliar feeds, and insecticides that farmers have a hard time sorting through which ones consistently perform and which don’t. The goal of Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team is to provide farmers with the information they need by providing unbiased data and information to help them make logical buying decisions.

There are hundreds of crop performance inputs available that can make you money in today’s market environment. With PFR, it’s all about taking the emotion out of the equation by finding the products that will consistently provide a return on your investment over time. That’s why, in 2016, Beck’s introduced the PFR Proven™ concept.


To date, Beck’s PFR team delivers replicated data from over 100 studies across six sites throughout the Midwest. Each year, approximately 150 products are tested to provide farmers with the research needed to make the most profitable decisions for their farms. Currently, there are only 12 PFR Proven soybean products that have consistently delivered a positive return on investment (ROI).

If you have been following us over these past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been talking a LOT about in-furrow products. That’s because farmers are making final planting preparations and we want to ensure they have all the information they need to produce the highest yielding crop possible. While all of the products we have covered are promising (learn more about them here, here, here and here), one standout PFR Proven in-furrow product that farmers should consider this year is Capture® LFR® by FMC. 

Capture LFR is one of the only Bifenthrin products on the market that is labeled for soybeans. Bifenthrin controls insects such as wireworms, white grubs, seedcorn maggots and black cutworm. When applied in-furrow, Capture LFR puts down a zone of protection around the seedling and controls these pets before seed damage ever takes place. This results in healthier plant stands, increased root mass, and higher yields.

In 2016, across five of Beck’s PFR sites, Capture LFR delivered a 1.5 Bu./A. yield advantage and a $4.29/A. ROI. What’s even more impressive is the three-year average ROI, which has shown a $15.35/A. advantage over the control. This multi-year, multi-location data consistently shows that an in-furrow application of Capture LFR on soybeans can provide both a positive yield and a positive economic response.


Many seed treatments, such as Beck’s Escalate™ yield enhancement system, already include the highest rate of a seed applied insecticide.  However, the addition of an in-furrow insecticide such as Capture LFR can extend the window of insect protection for young seedlings and protect the plant stands throughout the growing season by limiting the impact of any secondary pests that may arise.

To see the regional results of this study, click on the links below.

We know that farmers have questions about all the products available in the market. And especially at today’s crop prices, it’s more important than ever to not only consider if you will see increased yields, but if these products will truly be profitable. The PFR Proven concept helps farmers weed out the products that are not that consistent while providing proven data on the ones that have the highest likelihood of increasing your ROI.

If you have any questions about PFR Proven or the products on this list, check out the 2016 PFR book or contact your local Beck’s representative.


Beck’s PFR is the largest source of unbiased, cutting-edge agronomic information in the industry. More than 110 different studies were conducted in 2016, comparing over 150 products across multiple locations to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. In evaluating agronomic practices and input products, not comparing seed products, Beck’s PFR aims to help farmers maximize their input dollars and increase their bottom line. To view more studies from the 2016 PFR book, click here .

Practical Farm Research (PFR)®, PFR Proven™ and Escalate™ are trademarks of Beck’s Superior Hybrids Inc. Capture® and LFR® are registered trademarks of FMC Corporation.





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