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Helena introduces two new sustainable brands

Helena Agri-Enterprises has introduced two new sustainability-focused brands: Enertia, an enzyme-based soybean seed treatment and Resgenix, a water efficiency tool. 

“Helena has been researching and developing biological products for decades,” said Mike Powell, senior brand manager of crop production and bioscience products for Helena, in a news release. “It’s given our customers ways to make important changes on their farms such as the reduction of nitrogen rates and implementation of plant-based inputs. Now, with protected enzyme technology, we’re targeting the needs of our soil to take a natural approach to raising productivity.”

Enzymes increase microbial technology in the germination zone when applied as a seed treatment. Utilizing VersaShield Formulation technology, Enertia stabilizes its enzymes longer-lasting soil activity and more compatibility with other seed treatment options. 

In trials across the midwest, Enertia produced a 14% increase in root weight by mass, 3% increase in plant populations, and 2.4 bushel per acre yield advantage compared to standard fungicide and insecticide seed treatments.

Adequate water availability is key to quality crop production. Agricultural producers have seen more restrictions and higher costs as drought conditions worsen and growing populations increase demands for fresh water. 

“Water impacts everything we do on the farm,” said Austin Anderson, brand manager of adjuvants and water management products for Helena, in a news release. “If we don’t utilize the water we have effectively, we could lose productivity in the field, and the efficacy of our spray applications could suffer.”

A revitalized polyacrylamide formulation helps Resgenix improve water use efficiency and the liquid formulation is compatible with most crop management products. Resgenix can be applied through irrigation water or conventional spray applications. By improving aggregation in all soil types, the product can strengthen water holding capacity and help mitigate erosion, run-off, and soil moisture evaporation loss.

For more information, watch clips from Helena’s product preview at the Commodity Classic or and visit

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