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Sponsored: Managing Sudden Death Syndrome with ILeVO

Many soybean producing areas have experienced late season foliar symptoms indicating early season sudden death syndrome (SDS) (Fusarium virguliforme) infection. Beck’s field agronomists have occasionally reported finding low levels of SDS in ILeVO®-treated fields with high disease pressure. This is not unexpected, as much is yet to be learned about SDS and no amount of management today is a guarantee of complete control. Certainly an important part of any effective SDS management strategy includes variety selection and using the seed treatment ILeVO (Fluopyram).

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® multiyear, multi-location study results prove that ILeVO offers a significant reduction in SDS infection and provides significantly higher yields. In fact, yield benefits from ILeVO often occur even in the absence of SDS. While not confirmed, this yield benefit may result from the protection of soybean cyst nematode which is also provided by ILeVO. In 2015, Beck’s multi-location PFR study of early-planted soybeans showed an average 2.5 Bu./A. yield advantage from the addition of ILeVO in a low pressure year. With higher SDS pressure in 2016, the potential exists for even greater results from this year’s studies.

SDS Image 2_Treated vs. Untreated Soybean Field

In addition to utilizing ILeVO, there are other management practices you can implement on your farm to control and prevent SDS:

  • Planting known SDS fields later. Infection is favored by cool soil temperatures at planting. 
  • Plant tolerant varieties. Soybean varieties vary in tolerance to infection.
  • Try to reduce or prevent soil compaction. Compacted soil favors infection severity.
  • Manage soybean cyst nematode (SCN). High SCN correlates to higher SDS levels.
  • Improve field drainage. Poor drainage and wet weather favor disease infection.
  • Rotation away from soybeans does little to reduce SDS. SDS survives on corn kernels and corn debris.
  • Foliar fungicides are ineffective. They do not translocate to the root system.

Escalate SDS

Beck's Escalate™ yield enhancement system is an industry-leading seed treatment that comes standard on every unit of corn, soybeans, wheat, and elite alfalfa. Offering insect protection, improved stands and higher yields, Escalate's unique blend includes an industry-leading fungicide package and the highest rates of insecticide. But now, by adding ILeVO® fungicide to Beck’s standard Escalate mix, Escalate SDS provides an additional layer of protection against SDS in soybeans. Escalate SDS will protect the root system from SDS fungus in the seed zone and mitigate the above-ground late season damage caused by the SDS fungus, ultimately producing healthier plants for higher yield potential. 

Be sure to look for this year’s SDS study results in the 2016 PFR book at

Craig Kilby | Field Agronomist, CCA

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