#Grow15 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • #Grow15 The Good, Bad and the Ugly

    Traveling home to northeastern South Dakota is always a recharge for me. This year, it’s been a mix of the old 1966 Spaghetti Western movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  • The Really Ugly

    There’s a mix of ugly and good in the next two photos. Multiple years of flooding prompted this scene in the spring of 2011. This intersection one mile away from my home farm between Langford and Claremont, South Dakota, reflected the rampant flooding that drowned out crops that year.

  • Much Better

    Fast forward to that same intersection this summer, and the lack of water is great news for that area’s farmers. For once, they can concentrate on farming and not on figuring out prevented planting with their crop insurance agent.

  • Goosenecking Galore

    This one is a mix of good and bad. There’s a lot of good-looking corn in my field. The bad, of course, is a mid-July windstorm that goosenecked lots of corn in the field. A Wisconsin trial that intentionally lodged corn at silking a few years ago showed yield losses of 12% to 31%. Hope not.

  • It Gets Better

    Let’s move onto more fun stuff. This 15-inch soybean field of mine looked terrific, with nary a weed in sight.

  • It's Prettier Than It Looks

    This isn’t a pretty picture, but is shows what a weed is up against when it tries to shatter the earlier closing canopy of 15-inch row soybeans. No or little light makes it a tough journey for a weed to surface.

  • White Mold Woes

    One problem. Fifteen-inch rows are susceptible to white mold like this plant if cool and wet conditions occur. It was the only plant I found with white mold. Hopefully, the 90-degree temperatures occurring in the area this week will stop white mold in its tracks.

  • Ugghh. Waterhemp

    The few breaks in the canopy, though, showed how an opportunist weed like waterhemp can surface. Since each waterhemp plant can produce 250,000 seeds, I quickly pulled this plant after taking this photo.

White mold, soybeans, goosnecked corn, 15-inch row soybeans, northeastern South Dakota

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