Rocket Seeds Adds Moly Shine Seed Treatment Finisher

The dry/liquid seed treatment adds nutrition to boost early crop growth in legumes.

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition has added a new seed treatment finisher to its Rocket Seeds lineup that boosts root surface area, nodules, and nutrient uptake. 

Rocket Seeds is a portfolio of dry and liquid seed nutrition, with patent-pending products that launched earlier this year. The addition of Moly Shine to the portfolio provides a research-proven seed treatment finisher to address the critical early stages of crop growth to maximize value and yield. 

RocketSeeds MolyShine
“With Moly Shine, we’ve created a product to optimize delivery of key nutrients to legume crops during early stand establishment,” says Ryan Bartlett, vice president of innovation and product development. “By delivering these nutrients directly on the seed, we’re able to offer significant benefit to growers, not only making their fertilizer dollar go further but also by promoting nodulation to improve nitrogen fixation.”

As a seed finisher, Moly Shine not only acts as a seed-drying source but also improves lubrication and flowability. The addition of patent-pending micronutrient products to the finisher offers additional unique benefits. Key nutrients of Moly Shine include an iron source that, when placed directly on the seed, is helpful in treating early season, iron deficiency chlorosis. The addition of molybdenum promotes early season nitrogen uptake and nitrogen-use efficiency. Nitrogen-use efficiency is important to improve nodulation in soybeans, which helps to produce larger, more vigorous seedlings. With improved efficiency, plants also build deeper, more well-established root systems.

Another benefit for growers is large-scale accessibility to Moly Shine through national distributors and retailers. Moly Shine can be applied at the retailer, adding convenience and value for the grower. For nearly the same price as a traditional seed finisher, growers receive the added value of micronutrients delivered directly on the seed before it gets to the farm.

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