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Sponsored: The Story Behind a Soybean Yield Thief

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a huge threat to farmers as it is one of the top yield-robbing diseases in the Midwest. And in years with weather swings and volatility, like we experienced in 2016, the yield losses can be devastating. There is no better way to protect against SDS than using Escalate SDS seed treatment. 

With Escalate SDS, we add ILevo® fungicide to our standard Escalate™ yield enhancement system to provide an additional layer of protection against SDS in soybeans. Escalate SDS will protect the root system from SDS fungus in the seed zone and mitigate the above-ground late season damage caused by the SDS fungus, ultimately producing healthier plants for higher yield potential.

Check out this video of the Steffes family from Elwood, IL to hear about their experience with SDS and how they plan to protect their soybean crops in the future.

ILeVO® is a registered trademark of Bayer. Escalate™ is a trademark of Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.


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