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Watch for New Disease Called Soybean Dwarf Virus

As if you didn’t have enough soybean worries this year,
here’s another threat. A new viral disease called soybean dwarf virus (SbDV)
has surfaced in parts of the Corn Belt.

SbDV is actually more common in clover, but it can also
occur in soybeans. It’s a foreign invader, having surfaced first in other nations.

“Soybean dwarf virus has caused devastating losses up to 40%
in Japan,” says Daren Mueller, Iowa State University Extension plant pathologist.

So far, outbreaks have been more limited in the United
States, mainly occurring in Wisconsin and Illinois. Plant pathologists detected it in central Iowa in 2012, and plant pathologists have detected it on asymptomatic plants in North Dakota 

The soybean aphid spreads SbDV. Symptoms include serious
plant dwarfing and yellowing.

“We don’t know its potential agronomic impact yet, as
outbreaks have been sporadic,” says Mueller. In problem areas, the best way to
control this disease is by managing soybean aphids, he adds. 

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