WinField Research: Tank Mix Products Can Reduce Driftable Fines.

Minimize fine particle drift and off-target applications with DRAs.

Fine particle drift is one of those little details that vexes farmers who use dicamba. 

New research from the WinField United Innovation Center explains how fine particle drift can be minimized, using tank mix products that lessen the chance of off-target applications.

WinField United researchers discovered that even if a drift reduction adjuvant (DRA) is included in the spray tank, flexible, bubble-like membranes called bags are created. Once these bags leave the spray nozzle and hit a crosswind in the field, they break, creating many fine droplets that can easily drift where they shouldn’t. WinField United calls this phenomenon bag breakup.

After identifying this occurrence, researchers found that using adjuvants like WinField’s InterLock disrupts the formation of these flexible bags so that bag breakup is less likely to occur.

Foundational findings 

Earlier this year, WinField United reported on research that showed including InterLock adjuvant in the spray tank helps control fine particle drift that DRAs alone cannot. Researchers discovered that including both InterLock adjuvant and a DRA in the tank – along with a water conditioner – reduced driftable fines by 60%.

“Bag breakup is an established term within the fluid mechanics community, but not so much in the ground application realm,” says Lillian Magidow, senior research manager, product development, WinField United. “Originally, we used a standard testing method in the lab, which does not not incorporate the crosswind a spray would experience in the field. When we tested in a crosswind, which is closer to what’s happening in the field, we saw this ‘bag’ phenomenon and later, how InterLock disrupts its creation. This is something we didn’t encounter using our original standard testing method.”

Magidow says future research will include other DRAs, active ingredients, nozzles, and spray parameters.

What this means for farmers 

Bottom line, farmers should still include a DRA in the spray tank, which improves spray quality. And even with a DRA, there are always going to be fine droplets that come along with spray applications. However, adding InterLock to the tank further optimizes that spray application for both dicamba and non-dicamba herbicides.

Farmers can stay up to date on the latest adjuvant research from WinField United at

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