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BASF Launches New Online Agricultural Platform

BASF is getting into the data business. At this month’s Commodity Classic, the chemical company unveiled Maglis, an online agricultural platform. BASF officials say Maglis will allow farmers to better gather, interpret and monitor crop-related data so they make better agronomic decisions.

“It will help customize crop plans,” says Paul Rea, BASF North America crop protection senior vice president. Besides boosting convenience and efficiency in managing and monitoring field activities, Rea says Maglis also will help farmers make timely in-season management decisions.

BASF officials say the tool differs from other data management tools in that it enables BASF innovation specialists to partner with farmers to analyze and generate tailored plans to address individual crop priorities. This includes yield optimization, risk reduction and efficiency improvements.

The Maglis Customer Navigator will also enable BASF innovation specialists to include proprietary products like adjuvants and retail-branded active ingredients in the farmer’s crop recommendation, say BASF officials. This recommendation can then be sent directly to the selected retailer. 

In Canada, Maglis will include a sustainability assessment. “It will help farmers show how decisions impact farm sustainability,” says Rea. “It also allows them to challenge their own decisions about various inputs as to how it impacts overall productivity from a sustainable point of view.”

BASF officials say further tools are under development and scheduled for launch in several other countries in the near future. 



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