Bee Care Center Grand Opening

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    Bayer CropScience’s North American Bee Care Center grand opening revealed the latest technology, and scientific and academic resources to focus on bee health. The Bee care Center is located at Bayer CropScience’s North American headquarters in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The center will help the company to continue to invest in honey bee health research.

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    The 6,000-square-foot Bee Care Center is part of the company’s $12 million investment in bee health in 2014. The 2.4 million dollar center will provide a place for entomologists, apiarists, and graduate researchers to come together to research pollinator health.

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    One result of Bayer CropScience’s research is a new seed lubricant, Fluency Agent, for corn and soybean seed. The lubricant was designed to replace talc and graphite lubricants. Fluency Agent has been able to reduce the total amount of dust released in treated seed by 90%.

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    Fluency Agent provides all of the same benefits as other lubricants, such as providing uniform planting, while reducing the amount of active ingredient coming off of the seed, says Bill Hairston, director of product development, SeedGrowth.

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    “We have a dedicated research person to this facility who will be assisting grad students, but also working on other projects, such as our sentinel hives program,” says Sarah Myers event manager and apiarist. The program monitors colony health of commercial beekeeper hives in agricultural settings throughout the planting season.

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    The center houses a full laboratory with a teaching and research apiary, honey extraction and hive maintenance space; interactive learning center; and meeting, training and presentation facilities for beekeepers, farmers and educators, as well as office space for a full staff and graduate students.

Bayer CropScience opens new bee care center to continue researching pollinator health.

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