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May 13: In this week's show, one specialist talk about ways farmers can get their money's worth out of precision ag data by putting it to work.


May 6: What will happen when the Roundup Ready trait goes off-patent? That's the topic of this week's show.


April 29: Resistance to traited seed in corn rootworm is a growing concern for farmers. This week's show talks about ways to prevent resistance from becoming a problem.


April 22: What's the future of technology and how do machinery and crop input companies use it in their new products? Find out in this week's show.


April 15: This week's show talks about a new suite of crop technology services that company officials say will help farmers make better agronomy decisions.


April 8: Fungicide's again the word of the day in this week's show, as company officials talk about some of the specific benefits of a couple of different types of products.


April 1: What's a fungicide do for your fields? Company officials say corn and soybeans can both benefit from the products.


March 25: This week's show talks about the importance of having your yield monitor calibrated before you hit the field for harvest.


March 18: What are telematics? Find out in this week's show!


March 11: This week's show looks back on the last century of crop development and how public perceptions of the industry have changed.


March 4: Hybrid corn development started more than a century ago, but is still the basis of today's modern crop genetics.


February 25: A major rollout of new soybean varieties and some of the technology behind the new beans is the topic of this week's show.


February 18: This week's show looks at alternative feedstocks for ethanol production and the industry's progress toward more mainstream production from cellulosic sources.


February 11: In this week's show, we talk with a sprayer specialist about droplet size and how important the right droplet and nozzle are to meeting some label requirements.


February 4: Crop scouting goes high-tech: Find out about a new crop scouting app for mobile devices in this week's show.


January 28: Learn how a new web tool helps one farmer keep track of grain movement during harvest, all the way from the field to the end-user.


January 21: Today's show focuses on Crop Technology & how moving from continuous corn back to a corn-soybean rotation can help solve perennial problems for both crops.


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