Dog day afternoon

  • An average year?

    Sales for inputs like tile line were about average this year, says Dick Fink, Advanced Ag Supply, Creston, Iowa. After a challenging spring, farmers have an "awfully good opportunity" for a big crop this fall, Fink says.

  • Aphid Alert

    This week farmers began scouting for aphids in soybeans says Candace Weeda, Advanced Ag Supply in Creston, Iowa. A aerial sprayer was seen working west of town later in the afternoon.

  • Precision ag fan

    Jeremy Burgmaier, Orient, Iowa, is making good use of precision ag equipment this year. Swath control on the planter helped him through a challenging spring. It's one of devices that showing a quick payback, he said.

  • Meeting resistance

    Successful Farming's Janelle Buxton finds what looks to be a resistant weed in a southwest Iowa field.

  • Weeds won't be gone

    The same field of soybeans carries a heavy infestation of waterhemp, which has been sprayed twice this year.

  • 'Service sells it'

    Farmers in Northwest MIssouri are quickly adopting precision ag practices, says implement dealer Customer service manager Philip Moberg. "Service sells it," he says.

  • Absolute base station

    Brand new RTK tower at Graham, Missouri, site will provode local growers "sub-inch" accuracy for guidance systems, say precision ag specialists, Josh Miller and Nathan Pedersen.

  • Giving good service

    "It's not hard to sell precision ag equipment," says Josh Miller, Northwest Implement. However, he and colleague Nathan Pedersen spend much of the day installing, adjusting and maintainining farmers' technologies.

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