Land roller types

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    If you’re thinking about buying a land roller, many models exist. Here’s a few that University of Minnesota (U of M) crop scientists used in their 2008 to 2010 rolling trials.

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    One was a coil packer. By breaking up rootballs, it leaves a rougher soil surface. However, it does not push down rocks.

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    Notched rollers push down rocks, break up corn rootballs, and leave a rough soil surface.

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    Smooth rollers break up corn rootballs, push down rocks, and can leave a smooth soil surface.

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    Land rollers used by farmers like Keith Van Kleek, Terril, Iowa, range in size from 20 to 85 feet wide, and have 2 to 3.5 foot diameters. Operators may choose from models with a single drum to those with several independently suspended sections.

See how you can perk up your soils with a land roller.

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