Multi-Hybrid Planting

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    Earlier this spring, Beck's Hybrids brought four farming operations to Texas to test the multi-hybrid planter they purchased for their operations.

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    Jason Webster, Central Illinois PFR director for Beck's Hybrids, says he wanted to share his experience with the farmers. This gave him an opportunity to offer tips and advice before they started planting.

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    Multi-hybrid planting is changing corn hybrids or soybean varieties on the fly while planting.
    "We will take a field like this and develop spatial management zones," says Webster. "We’ll find out where our best soils are at, where our worst soils are at, and then we can plant appropriate hybrid or variety."

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    "We’re allowing our Beck's seed customers to get in this tractor and planter," says Webster. "So when they are ready to plant corn on their farm, there won’t be any surprises."

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    Now with creating management zones, we can figure out where our high yields are coming from, as well as our low yields, and place an offensive hybrid or more of a workhorse hybrid, says Webster.

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    We’re going to go all out for yield in the offensive areas - where we typically get high yields, says Webster. Those areas are where they try to pull additional yield.

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    We are going to take a step back on some of the tougher soils, Webster adds. "Not go so offensive on it because we know those soils are going to have too much stress on it, and that’s where it could burn up," he says.

Farmers test new multi-hybrid planter before planting.

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