Saving time with bulk seeding

  • Hours in the field

    Jared explains how no-till planting has saved him countless hours in the field. Because of the time savings, he's able to serve his farmer customers faster and plant more acres.

  • Adding up on the fly

    Jared does calculations on the windows of his tractor as he works. He uses a marker to write with, and then later wipes it off to have more room to work new calculations.

  • A quick fill

    Jared's loading box holds enough seed to plant an entire field. It takes him only a few minutes to fill a planter, as opposed to using bags, which can take all morning.

  • Load it up

    Jared loading seed seed from the seed box into the planter.

  • Smooth flowing

    Jared applies graphite to the seed to help it flow through the planter.

  • Get it ready

    Jared prepares the loading box before filling the planter.

  • Time savings

    Jared explains the time savings of using a loading box compared to using seed bags.

  • Healthy stand

    A stand of no-till milo Jared planted into wheat stubble. With all the moisture this spring, this stand of milo should have no problem making it to harvest with excellent yields if normal rains continue through the season.

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