What’s up with Dow’s Enlist Weed Control System

  • What’s Up with Dow’s Enlist System

    Twenty-five years ago, you would have had to scramble to find out what this guy is.
    In 2014, though, it’s a good bet that you have waterhemp in your fields. In some cases, this member of the pigweed family may resist glyphosate and other herbicide modes of action. That can put you in a weed-control bind.

  • Builds Upon Glyphosate

    The Enlist Weed Control System is the herbicide-tolerant trait system that Dow AgroSciences plans to unveil next year, pending regulatory approval. The system centers on tolerance to 2,4-D and glyphosate that's contained in the system's herbicide, Enlist Duo. The system will also include tolerance to fop herbicides in corn and glufosinate in soybeans. The Enlist system features a new 2,4-D choline formulation that differs from current 2,4-D formulations.

  • Remember this?

    This cupping is one of the hallmarks of 2,4-D moving off-target onto soybeans. However, the system’s Colex-D technology address the off-target concerns of 2,4-D, says Damon Palmer, U.S. commercial leader for the Enlist Weed Control System at Dow AgroSciences.

  • The New Look

    If all goes according to plan, your beans will look healthy like this. Dow says the new formulation slices volatility by 92% compared to other 2,4-D formulations. Studies show the new product also reduces driftable fines by up to 90% compared to conventional 2,4-D and glyphosate tankmixes. This assumes applications occur with low-drift nozzles.

  • Don’t Go Off-Label

    If you’re thinking about saving a few bucks and applying a less expensive 2,4-D amine or ester to Enlist soybeans, don’t. “We will not back non-2,4-D Colex formulations, says Palmer.

  • Enlist Status

    Enlist corn and soybean traits are currently undergoing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) review by USDA. Dow officials expect the Enlist system to be on the market in by 2015, pending regulatory approval.

  • Use a Pre

    Dow officials say the Enlist system is a solution that builds upon glyphosate for weed control. However, they also recommend use of a preemergence herbicide with it.
    Late postemergence applications may yield “lots of dead (weed) carcasses,” says Palmer. However, weeds that grow in conjunction with soybeans until a postemergence application occurs sap yields.

Enlist System Offers Farmers More Weed Control Options

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