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Yield360 helps farmers take control and capture yield potential

Gregg Sauder, founder and former CEO of Precision Planting, has recently launched Yield360. According to the company, the system will help farmers take control of factors that limit crop yield potential and capture that yield potential through a from-the-roots-up systems approach.

“Yield360 is a revolutionary approach for farmers who want to capture yield potential,” says Gregg Sauder. “The plants are always telling us what they need. The system allows the farmer to listen to the crop, provides tools to interpret the message and then take action. The system allows farmers to listen to the whole environment, which is both above and below the soil – both visible and invisible.” 

By combining insights from near data from the farmer's own field tests and precipitation and far data from sample field analysis and historic weather patterns, Yield360 provides a field-specific prescription for each farm.

“The tools connect farmers with what is happening in their fields by sensing the soil conditions, deciding what actions to take to ensure optimal care of the land and crops by integrating live data from the fields, and applying the unique prescription of nutrients and crop protection," he explains. "It is a system that uses Sense-Decide-Apply as the key principles.”

At the core of the system is 360 COMMANDER, which gives customized information based on variables like soil content and seed selected as well as daily local weather. 

Integrated with 360 COMMANDER is Yield Solver. It monitors local environmental and field changes hourly and runs possible combinations of environment, seed, nitrogen and irrigation rates for optimal field-specific yield. Decision-making guidance is then provided by 360 COMMANDER, such as variable seed prescriptions, variable nitrogen prescriptions, variable rate and scheduling plans for sub-drip and pivot irrigation. These prescriptions help counteract the plant’s stress points limiting yield.

Yield360 will also include 360 SoilSCAN, a mobile soil test, which provides a detailed analysis of nutrients in soil. It will feature in-field nitrate readings in five minutes and a customized variable rate prescription for nitrogen, water, phosphorus and ammonia. 

To take action on the information provided by 360 COMMANDER and 360 SoilSCAN, the company has acquired 360 Y-Drop. Developed by an Iowa farmer to help deliver nitrogen to the base of the stalk, this system allows for a much longer window of time for treatment and can be used in plants as large as six feet. 

“It is making a major impact on my farm allowing me to know specifically what to apply and when," says Jim Hedges, farmer and Yield360 director of sales. "With 360 Y-Drop, I am applying at a time during the growing season that I have never before been able to apply. This is exciting to see the impact.” 

Teamed with 360 Y-Drop, 360 UnderCOVER is a multi-directional spray applicator that delivers fungicides, insecticides and nutrition products for inner canopy coverage for a wider window of crop applications. It mounts to the 360 Y-Drop and glides under the plant.

“These tools make a major impact on overall crop health management,” says Ron Lloyd, farmer and leader of agronomic research at Yield360. “We aren’t limited to spraying over the top of the crop with sprayers or planes. We can get right into the key parts of the plants and much deeper into the growing season to help capture that high end yield.”

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