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The Climate Corporation Launches Central Data Platform

The Climate Corporation and Veris Plan Features Single System Log-In.

Ever been frustrated by all the user names and passwords in all your accounts you must enter to get into your data and precision agriculture products?

“Today in industry, pretty much everyone is facing the same problem,” says Mark Young, chief technology officer with The Climate Corporation. “There is a disjointedness in all the technologies.”

Ideally, you’d be able to log into one site and then go to the various parts of your data/agronomy/precision-farming plan.

That’s changing. Last month, The Climate Corporation and Veris Technologies partnered on a plan to make high-resolution soil maps from Veris on-the-go soil sensors available as a data layer for the agronomic models in The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView platform.

Veris officials say the partnership will enhance farmers’ access to the company’s soil mapping technology and more accurately map soil variability across their fields. The Climate Corporation officials say it will enable more farmers to experience its customized data insights.

“Accessing our single system will enable our customers to access a whole host of services,” says Young. He says farmers can bring all data they have into one place and context through a single log-in.

Company officials say this collaboration will allow farmers to view Veris maps in the Climate FieldView platform. They say the high-resolution soil maps generated by Veris soil sensors will help manage nitrogen (N) better.

Veris officials say its on-the-go soil sensors produce precise soil texture-organic matter pH maps. They say these properties significantly impact N use, loss, and mineralization. Predicting a crop’s N needs requires an accurate understanding of the soil and how it varies within fields.

Young says there may be other companies, such as drone or irrigation companies, that may enter into future partnerships in the Climate FieldView platform.

Eventually, partners in this program may even venture into the dairy or livestock industries, he says.

“The goal would be to measure the cow (through data) the same way we measure a crop,” he says. “That information could then be shared with a nutritionist in the same way an agronomist would share information about row crops.”

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