Wet With Good Yield Potential in Central Illinois

  • Drive-By View

    From the road, cornfields look fantastic for 2016. After all, USDA is forecasting a U.S. record corn yield of 15.2 billion bushels, up 11% from 2015.

  • Bitter Battle

    To achieve this yield, though, there is a fantastic battle going on inside a seemingly good-looking cornfield. Late-season stressors like nitrogen deficiencies and disease are fighting this year’s corn crop as it heads toward its finale.

  • To The Ear

    Fortunately, the ears in this field look like the plants are directing their energy toward kernel development.

  • Under the Canopy

    It’s evident, though, that there’s a battle going on since leaves and stalks exhibit nutrient deficiencies.

  • Prolific Precipitation

    This week, I traveled across central Illinois on U.S. Highway 24. It’s excellent farmland that contains some great soils. The area has been battling wet conditions though, such as in this field between Watseka and Crescent City, Illinois.

  • Tile Lines are Running

    Precipitation has been abundant, as this tile ditch shows. The moisture is there to help realize USDA’s average 175.1-bushel-per-acre yield forecast for 2016.

  • Wet Weather Spawns Smut

    This year’s prolific precipitation can also spawn diseases like smut on this ear.

  • Clean-As-A-Whistle Soybeans

    Soybean yield potential is also excellent. This clean-as-a-whistle field just northwest of Fairbury in central Illinois looks destined for a good yield.

  • The Onion in the Petunia Patch

    The onion in the petunia patch? Waterhemp. It’s in many soybean fields, seemingly even more so than previous years. Just one waterhemp plant like this one can spawn up to 250,000 seeds destined for germination next year.

  • Sea of Waterhemp

    That one waterhemp plant can spawn a sea of plants in the subsequent year. That’s why it’s a good idea to rogue those stray waterhemp plants this year before they set seed.

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