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A Sneak Peek at WestBred’s New Winter Wheat Varieties

Keep an eye out for these new varieties ready in 2017

Several new WestBred Hard Red Winter varieties will be available to WestBred associates this fall, with anticipated commercial release to farmers in 2017. Here are some you'll want to keep an eye out for:

  • WB 4721: Ideal from central Kansas to South Dakota, WB 4721 is a consistent top-yielder that has good foliar disease protection for all diseases except for soilborne mosaic virus. It features excellent straw strength, which contributes to its strong yield performance and lends itself to excellent yield potential under irrigation. It is a later maturing variety that has Overley and Overland as its parents.
  • WB 4303: Targeted for I-70 south to Texas, this variety features excellent yield potential when pushed for top management. It has excellent straw strength, medium-early maturity, and does well in low-pH soils. WB 4303 does not tiller aggressively, so it may require a little thicker planting rate. It has good leaf and stripe rust resistance but would benefit from fungicide application when necessary, Perry says. “Test weights are a little low on WB 4303, but the head is compact and really packs on the kernels,” he explains. “It will get a lot of attention just because of its unique head.” WB 4303 has a CIMMYT background.
  • WB 4515: Positioned from south-central Kansas to Wichita, WB 4515 has a Kansas State University experimental variety background and has Top 10 yield potential in the company trials. It features very good straw strength, high test weight, and a good foliar disease package. It should be a decent grazing wheat, Perry says.
  • WB 4462: Ideal for western Kansas and eastern Colorado, WB 4462 is a classic dryland wheat, with tall straw and built-in durability to handle freeze and dry weather while still maintaining excellent yield potential. It has good leaf rust resistance but is poor on stripe rust. Straw strength is average. It features yield improvement over the company’s Winterhawk variety, which is one of the most widely grown varieties in Kansas. “In dryland environments, WB 4462 can be a top yielder. You may not want to push it, but year-in and year-out, this could be one of the top varieties in the region,” Perry says.
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