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Bayer unveils new Prosaro Pro 400 SC fungicide for cereals

Company adds new AI to formulation for greater plant protection.

Bayer has launched the Prosaro PRO 400 SC Fungicide for cereal growers to protect against head scab and reduce the presence of deoxynivalenol (DON) levels, leading to superior grain quality.

The new fungicide is a natural evolution of the company’s Prosaro fungicide, and has three active ingredients:

  • Prothioconazole
  • Tebuconazole
  • Fluopyram

Prosaro Pro adds Fluopyram and an increased rate of Prothioconazole, leading to better disease control and greater DON reduction relative to Prosaro.

“Prosaro PRO fungicide is another innovative solution for cereal growers to protect their fields against foliar and head diseases,” said Lindsey Aagesen, Bayer’s U.S. marketing segment manager – cereals, in a statement. “As a foliar fungicide that provides excellent disease protection against head scab and foliar diseases in wheat and barley, this new crop protection product raises the standard of what is expected from cereal fungicide performance.”

Growers can see the effects of Prosaro PRO on their crop’s health through green and clean heads, leaves, and stems without the negative impact on harvest. The long residual activity, disease control, and DON reduction from Prosaro PRO will give cereal growers the confidence that they’re not only protecting their yield potential and grain quality, but protecting their investments too.

“Prosaro PRO provides an innovative combination of active ingredients designed to protect wheat crops from devastating diseases,” Aagesen said.

Prosaro PRO fungicide is included in the Bayer PLUS Rewards program – a broad portfolio of crop protection products designed to provide growers with flexibility and rewards on eligible purchases all season long. 

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