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Sponsored: Important Lesson for the Future: Rescue Fungicide or Not?

Beck’s Indiana Practical Farm Research (PFR)® Agronomist, Travis Burnett, introduces an impromptu wheat study that was been developed due to a recent local weather event of golf ball-sized hail experienced in Atlanta, IN in early May of 2016.

This study was designed to determine if it is economical to make a rescue application of fungicide to wheat that is damaged during Feekes 10?

Check out the video for more information. 

For additional study details, reference pagee 4 of Beck's Wheat Research Book here

Beck's Hybrids PFR program conducts more than 100 different studies across multiple locations (700+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. Simply put, it is research focused with the farmer in mind.


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