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Syngenta Announces Miravis Ace Fungicide Available for 2019

Syngenta officials say Miravis Ace will aid wheat farmers in head scab control.

Syngenta has announced that Miravis Ace fungicide is now available for the 2019 growing season.

Syngenta officials say Miravis Ace will improve control of Fusarium head blight (head scab) in wheat.
The premix of propiconazole and Adepidyn fungicide – a new mode of action for head scab – will help wheat growers unlock a new way to manage head scab. Syngenta officials say it also will enable wheat farmers to get ahead of diseases like Septoria that could be more prevalent if current weather patterns continue. 

“While it may be premature to determine how the weather will impact head scab severity in 2019, it’s not too early (for farmers) to begin making a management plan to protect their investment,” explained Nathan Popiel, Syngenta agronomy service representative, in a Syngenta news release. “Growers know head scab management always requires planning, but this year, growers will have more time to protect their crops with Miravis Ace and push their potential yield. For the first time ever, they will have a wider window of application, from as early as 50% head emergence up to flowering.” 

Syngenta officials say multiple years of Syngenta and third-party field trials have confirmed the ability of Miravis Ace to protect wheat yield and quality when applied early. In 13 out of 15 field trials in 2018 that compared Miravis Ace with older fungicides at both 50% head emergence and flowering, Miravis Ace showed improved disease control and yield results, according to Syngenta officials. 

Having more time to get ahead of head scab removes a great deal of uncertainty for the grower and opens up a new way to manage the disease, say Syngenta officials.

“While older fungicides have provided a level of protection, having to hit flowering precisely leaves no room for delays or errors,” said Eric Tedford, Syngenta technical fungicide product lead, in a Syngenta news rlease. “The power and stamina of Miravis Ace allows growers to spray earlier, protect the main head and tillers, and not sacrifice efficacy or yield potential.”

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