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Download Instructions Successful Farming Radio and Living the Country Life Radio

Radio station affiliates please use these instructions to download the programs.

Weekly radio shows are available for downloading via Mass Transit System (directly below) or FTP (scroll to the bottom) by using the instructions below:

Accessing the Meredith Corporation Mass Transit System Using HTTP Protocol

These instructions explains how to use Meredith Corporation’s Mass Transit System to transfer files. This is simply a very quick “how-to” guide, and doesn’t cover many of the features available with Mass Transit.

Using a web browser, go to the following URL: Note: Minimum browser versions: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, or Safari 4. Previous versions of those browsers are not supported.


Enter the user name and password that has been supplied to you by Meredith Corporation. Once you have entered a valid username and password you will see a web page that looks like the one below:


There are two choices:

  • Download Files: retrieve files that have been sent to you.
  • Logout: exit the Mass Transit server.

Download Files

Click on Download Files. You will see a screen showing files that have been sent to you:


You may individually select which files to download and click Download Selected, or click Download All. The files will download to the default location that is set up in your web browser.


Click on Logout. This will log you out of the Mass Transit server.

Using FTP on the Meredith Corporation MassTransit Server Successful Farming Radio

This document explains how to use FTP protocol on Meredith’s MassTransit server to retrieve files. As FTP applications vary, your screen may look different than what is shown here.

Using your favorite FTP client program, connect to: Connect using the user name and password that was provided to you. Once you have logged in, you will see something similar to the screen below:


To download files and folders:

Your files will be in the “Pick_Up” folder on the Mass Transit server. Open that folder, then drag the file(s)/folder(s) from there to wherever you want them on your machine. How you do this will vary with your FTP client.


When finished, log out of the Mass Transit server and close your FTP application.

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