Expanding drought conditions into 2021

Dry weather will be favorable for harvest but is an ominous omen for the 2021 season.

After some much needed rain in the first half of September, the well is drying up again across the Corn Belt as we have entered a prolonged period of dry weather. In fact, the mid-September through the end of October 2020 period is expected to be the 2nd driest such period of the past 29 years in the Corn Belt. Dry weather will be favorable for harvest but is a harbinger of things to come in 2021.

Looking at the U.S. Drought Monitor Maps provided by The National Drought Mitigation Center, drought has expanded rapidly since historic low drought in May 2019 and since September 2019. As of September 8th 2020,  57% of the U.S. is in some level of abnormally dry or drought conditions. This is up from 31% a year ago in September 2019 and up from just 8% of the U.S. in drought in May 2019.


Recent rainfall in the Corn Belt caused about a 1 Class improvement in drought conditions across much of Iowa but those drops of rain received in the first half of September will soon seem like a mirage.

As the 2020 season comes to a close, it is time to look ahead to what the 2021 season will bring. Unfortunately, Weathertrends360 expects expanding drought in the 2021 season with at least 62% of the nation in drought. Looking back through the past 20 years of dry-drought conditions, it’s clear that abnormally dry years typically arrive in sets of 2, so confidence in expanding drought in 2021 is rather high.



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