12 cute farm kids

  • Intro

    Parents love taking photos of their kids -- it's just what we do. Here are 12 cute farm kids from photos shared on the Farmers for the Future network. 

  • Farm girl and proud of it!

    "My three year old daughter helping my father and me fill the cattle feeder," says Matt Duncan of New Boston, Illinois.

  • Tech time

    Mauricio Torres, Chacabuco, Argentina, shared this photo of his son working diligently on the computer.

  • Bull ride

    Torres also posted a photo of his daughters enjoying a nice ride on an mechanical bull.

  • Break time

    Torres' son takes a break from helping plant wheat in Argentina.

  • Garden variety

    Jeremy Michael Cecil shared this photo of his three year old daughter striking a pose in their Scurry, Texas, garden.

  • Tractor time

    Kari Hollman's son, Wes, gets a little tractor time on their Isle, Minnesota, farm this fall.

  • Picking corn

    Hollman also shared this photo of Wes enjoying harvest time, picking corn in the field.

  • Horsing around

    "Wes was waving at the horses," said Hollman of her son this summer.

  • Gardening

    "My daughter in our garden after watering," says Scott Edward Dudek, of Richmond, Michigan.


  • Youngsters

    Proud papa Jonathan Dansel, Weskan, Kansas, poses with his two young children.

  • Checking in

    Jennifer Chilton of Dickson, Tennessee, posted this photo of her daughter checking in on the horses.

  • Moving cattle

    Chilton also shared this photo of her kids keeping warm while moving cattle on a cool morning.


Parents share photos of their farm kids on the Farmers for the Future network.

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