18 Christmas Gifts for Farmers for Less Than $200

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    It’s the time of year again to be thinking about what to get the farmer or rancher on your Christmas list. This list is tailored to the budget conscious shopper because none of the items on the list are over $200.

  • Worx Forcedriver

    Weighing just 11⁄3 pounds, the Worx Forcedriver delivers 225 inch-pounds of torque teamed up to an impact rate of 0 to 3,000 bumps per minute to easily remove and drive smaller fasteners. Tool features include three handle positions (inline to pistol grip, shown right). The model WX270L retails for $39.99, which includes a three-year warranty.

  • Knipex Pliers

    Ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas such as engine cavities, Knipex’s 11-inch-long needle-nose pliers offer multiple gripping zones that are perfect for pulling and twisting fasteners. Other features include a serrated gripping area for holding on to round parts or pipes. The pliers, which retail for $38, are made from oil-hardened and tempered German tool steel and come in straight or 45° jaw versions.

  • DeWalt ToughSystem Cooler

    Offering 27 quarts of storage space, an 88-pound load capacity, and the ability to retain ice for up to five days, DeWalt’s ToughSystem cooler is water- and dust-resistant due to heavy-duty latches. The cooler can be stacked to any other ToughSystem module using the side latches, and it is compatible with DeWalt’s ToughSystem containers,as well. The model DWST08404 ToughSystem Cooler retails for $149.99, which includes a lifetime warranty.

  • MagHold V-Pad

     The profile of the MagHold V-Pad makes it ideal for positioning steel of all sizes where larger clamps cannot be used, such as in tight spaces in either horizontal or vertical positions. The V-Pad faces pivot to hold on to round, square, flat, or angled steel stock and odd-shape parts. The magnets are available in sizes ranging from 2.2 to 4.8 inches long. A four-piece pack (two regular and two large V-Pads) retails for $24.50.

  • Dan-Am Kneeler

    The enhanced 1-inch-thick nitrile molded cups on the Dan-Am Kneeler protect knees from concrete floors or gravel yards. The pad is washable with soap and water, is not affected by paint thinners or acetone, resists chemicals and grease, and will not absorb water. Features include a nonslip back. The Kneeler retails for $19.95.

  • Mixing Mate by Rockler

    The Mixing Mate clamps onto a standard quart or gallon sized canister and a lid gasket provides a leak proof seal. The pouring spout has been spring-loaded to self-close and seal. The mixing paddle is designed in a shape similar to an auger so when you spin the handle it lifts the pigments that have settled to the bottom of the can. Price starts at $19.99. 

  • WD-40 Specialist Line

    WD-40’s specialist line includes lubricants, greases, penetrants, rust management products, cleaners and degreasers. Find pricing details and where to buy at wd40specialist.com/products.

  • Grease Joint Rejuvenator

    The Grease Joint Rejuvenator flushes out old hardened grease and allows new grease to be pushed through. Master Kit (7863) includes a professional and pocket model grease joint rejuvenator, a five inch hose and an extra coupler. Price is $76.95. Professional Kit (7862) includes everything the Master Kit has except the pocket model. Price is $54.95.

  • Extendable Flash Light

    The EMF2 Extendable light is a telescoping, flex necked light with three LED lights. It’s 6 ½ inches long in the tuck position and 21 inches long when extended. Also features a magnetic base and a pivoting mirror. Price is around $20.

  • Ingersoll Rand Edge Series

    The Ingersoll Rand Edge ½-inch Impactool (2132G) features Quiet Technology, which reduces noise without sacrificing power. Twin hammer impact mechanism delivers a balanced blow. Variable speed trigger gives you control to adjust tool’s speed to project you’re working on. One-handed push button forward/reverse controls let you control power in either direction. Price is $189.99.

  • DeWalt 10-amp corded Reciprocating Saw

    DeWalt DWE357 reciprocating saw is smaller and stubbier than previous models. The tool is designed to work in tight spaces and overhead. Weighing in at 6.8 lbs. and a length of 14 1/2 inches, this saw is 20% shorter than traditional corded models. Ten-amp motor delivers 2,800 strokes per minute and has a 1 1/8 inch blade stroke length. Saw includes a bag and is priced at $119. 

  • Savage folding jab saw/utility knife

    The Savage folding jab saw and utility knife combines a saw with a utility knife for added versatility. Works with any reciprocating saw blade. Blade locks in two cutting positions and folds for safe storage. Lock back utility knife locks when in the out position and must be released before closing. Comes with three blades and a belt case. Priced around $16.

  • Bolt Locks

    Keeping your tools and truck secure just got easier thanks to these next products from Bolt. Bolt Locks come in a variety of styles to lock trailers, equipment and more –- all with your car or truck key. The 2-inch padlock is priced at $21.99. The 5/8-inch receiver lock priced at $31.99. The toolbox latch retrofit kit priced at $39.99.

  • Wolverine Corsair 6-inch work boot

    Wolverine’s Corsair 6-inch work boot features the Contour Welt, which provides the flexibility and comfort of an athletic shoe but gives you the support and durability of a work boot. ArmorTek guard is an abrasion-resistant texture that prevents wear and tear on high wear areas. Priced around $150.

  • Case IH Pioneer work boot

    This brown, tumbled, full-grain leather work boot, which is priced at around $100, houses a composite toe making it light weight yet durable. Attached with Goodyear welt construction, the boot has an electrical hazard outsole with oil and skid resistance. Ortholite insole wicks away moisture and improves air circulation.

  • Radiator Genie

    The Radiator Genie is a 23-inch wand that can help you keep your radiator clear of debris. Fan head design allows it to fit into the engine’s cowl and between the fan blades. For around $50 you get two wands - One hooks up to an air compressor hose; the other to a garden hose. Handle has adjustable pressure. 

  • Stor-A-Hitch

    This great gift idea lets you store your two-inch trailer hitch ball mount when it’s not in use. It’s light-weight and can be hung up in the shop or attached to the bed of your pick up. Priced at $19.95, the Stor-A-Hitch can hold most 3, 4, and 5 hitch ball mounts with varying shank lengths. And the inventor is already working on one for Class 1 and 2 hitches.

  • Ageless Iron Almanac

    The Ageless Iron Almanac is packed with facts and stories about antique farm equipment exclusively from the editors of Successful Farming magazine. Price is $20 for a one-year subscription. 

It’s time of year again to be thinking about what to get the farmer or rancher on your Christmas list. Need more ideas? Check out the tool holiday gift guide for farmers. 

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