8 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas on the Farm

  • Christmas on the farm

    Faith. Family. Friends. Fun. Food. There are a number of “f” words that explain what makes the holidays so extraordinary. There’s one more word we’d add to this list – farm. There’s just something extra special about spending Christmas on the farm.

  • 1. Farm animals make the cutest Santas

    1. Farm animals make the cutest Santas
    Cow, horse, or pig, it doesn’t matter. Throw a Santa hat on its head and you’ve transformed a farm animal into the cutest Santa Claus around.

    Photo credit: Erica

  • 2. Festive barns trump boring houses

    2. Festive barns trump boring houses
    Oh, you put up a few strings of lights on your house? How impressive. In the country, we turn barns into nativity scenes.

  • 3. Extreme displays in the true-farm spirit

    3. Extreme displays in the true farm spirit

    Let’s be honest – Rudolph was getting a little unreliable. Farmers know that a John Deere tractor would be much more likely to get presents delivered on time.

  • 4. Tractor tree toppers

    4. Tractor tree toppers
    Angels and stars are so unoriginal. A tractor tree topper is the way to go.

  • 5. Decked out equipment

    5. Decked out equipment
    We’re not sure who spent this much time putting Christmas lights on a combine, but we love it!

    Source: Illinois Corn

  • 6. Awesome sledding hills

    6. Awesome sledding hills
    The poor town kids get stuck on bunny hills. In the country, you get to turn the pasture with the steep slopes into the ultimate sledding experience. Let’s hope for some Christmas flurries so there can be holiday sledding parties this year.

  • 7. Cute cowboys

    7. Cute cowboys
    Is there anything cuter than a little cowboy playing with new toy tractors? We doubt it.

    Source: David Christensen

  • 8. Quality family time

    8. Quality family time
    A lot has changed since 1944 – that’s when this issue of Successful Farming magazine came out – but we bet there are lots of farm families spending some quality time together and reading The Night Before Christmas.

    To all of the hardworking farmers and farm kids out there, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you aren't excited for Christmas yet, you will be after this slideshow.

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