9 Striking Country Sunsets

  • Farm Beautiful Contest

    This is the third year of the Farm Beautiful Contest and once again a number of entries include pictures of breath-taking sunsets. It’s no surprise as there isn’t anything quite as spectacular as a country sunset.

    This photo was shared by Karen from Fairfield, Montana. Click through the slideshow to see eight more amazing photos.

  • Leea sunset

    This panorama shot captures Double C Ranch in Oakdale, California. Thanks to Leea for sharing.

  • Brant sunset

    Here’s another photo from the Golden State. Brant entered this photo, which was taken as he was pumping ground water for his corn crop.

  • Roger sunset

    Roger captured this silhouette of an old windmill against the setting sun.

  • Laurie sunset

    Sunsets can range in color from bright gold to soft purple. Laurie captured this radiant red sunset behind her farm pond.

  • Noel sunset

    This sunset shot was taken in Mississippi by Noel.

  • Rachelle sunset

    This is actually a sunrise – not a sunset – but it was too beautiful not to share. This was taken at Far View Farmstead in Easton, Pennsylvania, by Rachelle.

  • Joel sunset

    Again, not an actual sunrise, but a spectacular night shot. “With the brilliance of the Milky Way shining in the background, this image captures the true beauty of the American Heartland,” says Joel. “With no city lights to dim the stars, the unobstructed night sky is a luxury to those who have the privilege to reside in rural areas.”

  • Mark sunset

    Mark snapped this shot at the end of summer as the sun set behind his barn.

You won’t find scenes this picturesque in the city.

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